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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Major Parkinson
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Major Parkinson A Night at the Library White double vinyl
On May 15th 2020, in the early days of Covid lockdown, Bergen's legendary Progressive / Psychedelic Pop masters Major Parkinson performed a scaled down streaming concert from the music room at Bergen Public Library. 
Featuring songs stripped to the bare essentials, A Night at the Library presents a more vulnerable side to this Norwegian institution.
Limited three-sided white double vinyl.
1 Lover, Lower Me Down (Live)
2 Black River (Live)
3 The Wheelbarrow (Live)
4 Beaks of Benevola (Live)
5 Strawberry Suicide (Live)
6 Isabel: A Report to an Academy (Live)
7 Baseball (Live)
8 Night Hitcher (Live)
9 Before the Helmets (Live)
10 Jonah (Live)
11 Heart of Hickory (Live)