Price: £22.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Maiya Hershey & Steve Jansen
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Maiya Hershey Steve Jansen Neither Present Nor Absent Vinyl
A meditative intrumental collaboration between Steve Jansen and audiovisual artist and sound designer, Maiya Hershey.
Remastered by James Ginzburg for vinyl. 
12” heavyweight black vinyl. 
Age-wise, they may be a generation apart – Jansen’s first record, as a core member of high-minded art-rockers Japan, was released 15 years before Hershey was born – but share much in their musical philosophy, with instruments (Hershey’s piano, often, but also saxophone, cello and bells) manipulated and folded into various field recordings and other aleatory sonics. And yet, while this is by any measure experimental music, there is a pop sensibility in the kernel of ‘Neither Present Nor Absent’: take the central melody of ‘Toward The Surface’, or the mournful, cinematic ‘As We Drift’. Jansen can claim over 40 years’ experience forging experimental/popular music links, while Hershey has rather more modern credentials, with a solo piano piece heard by several million people thanks to its inclusion on a meditation app.
1 Toward The Surface
2 Vertical Sleep
3 Neither Present Nor Absent
1 As We Drift
2 Blue Nest