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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Lunatic Soul
CatNo: KSCOPE821
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Lunatic Soul Impressions Riverside Mariusz Duda Vinyl
The vinyl version of the all-instrumental new release from Lunatic Soul (Riverside's Mariusz Duda).
An ideal companion to the band's acclaimed self-titled debut (2008) and 'II' (2010).
The third album from Lunatic Soul follows 2010's acclaimed 'II' (White Album) and features a number of tracks written during the sessions for both that and the self-titled (Black Album) debut in 2008.
Mariusz felt that the compositions completed the theme set out on 'I' and 'II' and decided to return to the studio earlier this year to record the final instalment in the trilogy.
Impression I
Impression II
Impression III
Impression IV
Impression V 
Impression VI 
Impression VII 
Impression VIII