Taken from the band’s Seats & Sounds tour, Long Distance Calling deliver a stunning performance in two acts: A “normal” LDC set with songs from all the band's albums, and a special Avoid The Light set, performing the dramatic album almost in its entirety. 
Triple vinyl edition.
For 13 years now, the Münster-based four-piece Long Distance Calling has been famed and cherished for its weightless yet massive music. After having returned to their instrumental roots Long Distance Calling sat down to carefully ponder their next step. When they got up again, they were ready for their most extraordinary live undertaking yet: Aptly entitled “Seats & Sounds”, this string of concerts saw Long Distance Calling take to the stage in very special locations in front on a seated audience.
Regarded to be a one-off experience, the band took the matter almost religiously and went to great lengths in pulling off their most daring effort. “We wanted to go one step further, highlighting the audio-visual quality of the band for the very first time”, the band states, referring to the phalanx of video screens and specially curated visuals corresponding to each song.
One of those rare performances, the one at the Kulturkirche Altona in Hamburg, was captured on film and tape and is now being released on Bluray disc, vinyl, CD and as digital download. More an elegant silent film (visually speaking) than an ordinary live video, Long Distance Calling deliver a stunning performance in two acts: A “normal” Long Distance Calling set with songs from all their albums, and a special “Avoid the Light” set, performing the dramatic album almost in its entirety. “This is one of the most important releases of our entire career”, the band continues, “and playing it felt like time travel.”
Meticulously prepared and rehearsed, this is Long Distance Calling on another level. Backed by guest musicians Luca Gilles on cello and Aaron Schrade on percussion and electronic beats, the experimental rock veterans show their grandeur in cinemascope – elaborately filmed and monumentally staged. In the end, Janosch Rathmer (drums), Jan Hoffmann (bass), Florian Füntmann (guitar) and David Jordan (guitar) not only played their biggest Hamburg headlining show; they also peaked their stellar career.
Side A
1. Into The Black Wide Open   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:10:02
2. The Very Last Day   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:10:57
Side B
1. In The Clouds   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:06:43
2. Like A River   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:06:00
3. On The Verge   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:06:18
4. Interlude   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:03:39
Side C
1. Out There   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:09:14
2. Apparitions   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:14:27
Side D
1. Black Paper Planes   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:07:58
2. 359°   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:09:35
Side E
1. I Know You, Stanley Milgram   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:10:54
2. Sundown Highway   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:07:42
Side F
1. Flux   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:14:32
2. Metulsky Curse Revisited   Live from Hamburg 2019   00:10:07