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Format: cd
Artist: Lonely Robot
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Lonely Robot Under Stars CD
Under Stars is the final part in Lonely Robot's 'astronaut trilogy’. 
Musically, the album expands upon its two predecessors and finds a balance between heavy edges and lush choruses (which have been John Mitchell’s trademark since day one).
Mitchell says, “This time I wanted to reference my love of 1980s synthwave pop a little more, so beware the 808!”, Mitchell proclaims. “I hope you enjoy this record as much as I enjoyed making it”. 
Under Stars ends the story of Lonely Robot on a high note. 
Limited edition CD
(The first 300 copies include a signed postcard - PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE HAVE NOW ALL GONE)
1. Terminal Earth (1:56)
2. Ancient Ascendant (5:47)
3. Icarus (5:21)
4. Under Stars (5:16)
5. Authorship Of Our Lives (5:39)
6. The Signal (3:20)
7. The Only Time I Don't Belong Is Now (5:16)
8. When Gravity Fails (5:03)
9. How Bright Is The Sun? (6:03)
10. Inside This Machine (3:28)
11. An Ending (2:40)
12. How Bright Is The Sun? (Cosmic Mix) (5:59) * bonus track
13. Under Stars (Cosmic Mix) (5:16) * bonus track
14. Lonely Robot - Chapter One - Airlock (7:00) * bonus track