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Format: CD
Artist: Lonely Robot
CatNo: 19439736412
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Lonely Robot Feelings Are Good CD Limited Signed
John Mitchell (Frost*, It Bites) returns with his new studio album Feelings Are Good, which marks a new chapter for Lonely Robot
Musically, Mitchell has retained his signature LR sound and further refined it within the context of lush modern Prog and Rock anthems that combine complex and accessible elements with powerful dynamics and strong songwriting. 
Craig Blundell features on drums.
Limited edition CD in digipak. All orders through Burning Shed will receive one of four signed postcards (whilst stocks last).
1. Feelings Are Good 00:01:16
2. Into The Lo-Fi 00:04:17
3. Spiders 00:05:04
4. Crystalline 00:05:16
5. Life Is A Sine Wave 00:06:33
6. Armour For My Heart 00:05:18
7. Suburbia 00:05:03
8. The Silent Life 00:05:04
9. Keeping People As Pets 00:05:20
10. Army Of One 00:06:23
11. Grief Is The Price Of Love 00:01:25
12. The Silent Life (Orchestral Version) 00:05:04
13. Crystalline (Orchestral Version) 00:05:18