A limited and numbered expanded edition of Ashtar, a meditative 1985 Electronic cassette release from Linda & Steve Hillman.
An evocative curio unavailable for nearly 20 years.
CD-r in DVD case. Very limited.
Recording commenced on a humble four track portastudio in 1984 and the resultant album Ashtar was released by Mirage in 1985. It was then released on Steve's Eye Tapes label in 1987 but with some melodic synth lines added to the title track and to “Silver Sleep” as it was thought the original versions needed some extra textural sounds. “Reflections”, from 1985’s Evocations album, was also included with some new synth added. The album was re-released again as a limited edition CD-R on the Auricle Music label in 2003. Since then it has remained unavailable but here it is again, this time in an expanded form to include Solace, which was recorded during the sessions in 1984, plus the original 1985 Mirage release versions of the title track and Silver Sleep.
1 Ashtar 5:00
2 Courtyard Of The Lion 2:22
3 Temple Dance 1 2:43
4 Reflections 1:58
5 Sea Child 4:33
6 Chamber Of The Moon 3:24
7 Silver Sleep 7:29
8 Valley Of Enchantment 4:43
9 Ancient Dawn 4:19
10 Temple Dance 2 5:30
11 Pillars Of Sand 2:17
12 Golden Flame 4:46
13 Awakening Dream 3:50
14 Twilight 3:25
Bonus Tracks:
15 Solace 4:17
16 Ashtar (Original 1985 Version) 6:36
17 Silver Sleep (Original 1985 Version) 7:31
Flute – Linda Hillman
Painting – Linda Hillman
Producer [Production], Synthesizer [Synthesizers], Keyboards – Steve Hillman