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Artist: Lighterthief
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Lighterthief The EP Collection Mp3 Download APE Stuart Rowe
All three of Lighterthief's remarkable APE label EPs available together at a special price.
Stuart Rowe's project operates in a fascinating grey area that hints at Pop, Psychedelia and Experimental musical approaches. 
Andy Partridge plays guitar and sings throughout the 'Maximalism' EP and also guests on 'Up On High' from the 'Trick Picture' EP.
EP 1: Maximalism
1. Lover (5:18)
2. Falling Into The Future (4:30)
3. All Things Done. (4:52)
EP 2: Trick Picture
1. Up On High (4:58)
2. Killing Time (5:19)
3. Scream (5:32)
EP 3: Hard Listening
1. My Dream Sea (4:40)
2. Running With The Mothmen (04:22)
3. Shining Surface (05:08)