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Format: CD
Artist: Leprous
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Leprous Pitfalls CD
Leprous return with its sixth and most ambitious studio album, Pitfalls. 
A leap of faith into fresh, exciting and challenging territory, the album is a truly sublime listening experience 
Recorded with David Castillo at Ghostward Studios (Opeth, Katatonia) and mixed by Adam Noble (Placebo, Biffy Clyro). 
CD in jewel case.
1. Below (05:53)
2. I Lose Hope (04:44)
3. Observe The Train (05:08)
4. By My Throne (05:45)
5. Alleviate (03:42)
6. At The Bottom (07:21)
7. Distant Bells (07:23)
8. Foreigner (03:52)
9. The Sky Is Red (11:22)