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Lee Fletcher Faith in Worthless cd
The debut solo album by producer, songwriter, and musician Lee Fletcher, featuring Lisa Fletcher and Markus Reuter, plus an eclectic array of supporting musicians including BJ Cole, Tim Motzer, Luca Calabrese, and Robert Fripp.
This is a limited hand-numbered edition (of only 150 worldwide) housed in a beautifully designed super jewel case, signed by Lee, Markus, and Lisa. 
The CD is bundled with a special 'FIWT' Postcard (also signed by the trio).
- - -
Review Extracts:
"This album melds styles from folk, avant-pop, contemporary ambient, pastoral prog touches, jazz and of course post-rock. Inevitable comparisons to Kate Bush cannot be avoided when any female singer employs a wistful style, as Lisa does throughout. However, the multi-tracking and real harmonies soon allow the listener to leave the baggage of any particular comparison at the door... The lyrical themes of alienation, discovery of self, broken relationships, subservience to the system, the daily fight to preserve some dignity, parental longing and regret, are all contrasted with the gentle caress of the music."
(Roger Trenwith - DPRP, 'Dutch Progressive Rock Page')
"...Touches on the mutability and contradictions of love - its ability, in any given moment, to contain frailty and fears alongside strength, devotion and enrapturement... Affection and anger, dislocation and commonality, families and strangers, nature and the grind, all linked under a lovingly gilded arch of strings, soft voices and soundscapes... A sophisticated way with compositional patterns which takes as much from chanson and European music as it does from Anglo-American pop; plus a yen for long, looping melodic journeys across an extended succession of chords... (Lisa Fletcher) sings even the most painstaking lyric with the cool, classical, adult sensuality of a pop diva who might at any moment slide off her long black concert dress and walk, naked and magnificent, out into the sea... When both Fletchers team up as writers on The Inner Voice, there's an extra lift, bringing in the kind of hi-concept soul soar you'd have expected from Minnie Riperton or Commodores, or indeed from Janelle Monae."
(Dann Chinn: Freelance Writer - 'Misfit City')
"A collection of songs with lyrics deep enough to be considered poetry and arrangements rich enough to make George Martin pitch an envious fit... At times cinematic and at other times deeply intimate, it succeeds in carving out a unique world where touch guitar and Chapman Stick can coexist in perfect harmony - and sometimes in gorgeous dissonance - with trumpet, pedal steel, and violin... It also racks up an incredibly high badass quotient, thanks largely in part to the presence of Markus Reuter... An incredibly gifted singer, Lisa Fletcher... manages the not inconsiderable task of anchoring the songs with solid vocal performances that toe the line between ethereal and sexy."
(Vince Font - Progopolis Radio Show)
"A constantly unfolding landscape, filled with detail that uncovers itself with patience... a healthy dose of perfect pop... as well as folk, grittier extemporisation and even elements of nu-jazz... These juxtapositions surprise, confound expectation and delight... This is essentially an album that pits reality (nature, emotion, heart) against the venality and emptiness of 21st century culture. This can take us from the gorgeous delicacy of Miracles On Trees, with its chiming guitars and birdsong, to the jagged assemblage of Until The Playtime Whistle Sounds. As such, FIWT has a rawness and honesty that's at odds with its polished outer shell, but which makes it far more worthy than 99% of what crosses my desk these days. We need to be thankful that work this beautiful still gets made."
(Chris Jones: BBC Producer & Freelance Writer)
1) Is It Me (or Is It You?) (4:01) 
2) The Inner Voice (3:40) - Fletcher | Fletcher | Reuter
3) Faith in Worthless Things (4:02) 
4) A Life on Loan (5:06) 
5) The Number (3:15) - Fletcher | Stieger-Reuter | Reuter
6) The Answer (3:05) 
7) Miracles on Trees (4:30)
8) Until The Playtime Whistle Sounds (1:14) 
9) Life's a Long Time Short (4:21) - Fletcher | Reuter
10) Long About Now (2:41) - Walker | Semel
All songs written by Lee Fletcher except where stated.
Produced, Arranged, Mixed and Mastered by Lee Fletcher 
(an Unsung Production) 
Strategic Support and Production Assistance: Markus Reuter 
Engineered by Lee Fletcher, (with additional sessions engineered by Frieder Zimmermann, Markus Reuter, Tim Motzer, BJ Cole, Bernhard Woestheinrich, Richie Nieto, and Chris Wong) 
Original Artwork by Rachael Nee, reproduced with kind permission 
Art Direction by Lee Fletcher 
Design & Layout by Oscar Henriquez 
- - - 
Lisa Fletcher: Lead & Backing Vocals (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10) 
Lee Fletcher: Keyboards, Electronics, Programming, Treatments, Digital Editing, Arrangements (all tracks) | Additional Vocals (3, 4, 7, 8) | Bass Guitar (1, 3) | Virtual Guitars (2, 4, 7, 10) | Soundscape (6) 
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars U8 Deluxe (all tracks) | Soundscapes (3, 4, 5, 6, 9) | Acoustic Guitar (2) | Additional Keyboards (2) 
SiRenee: Guest Lead Vocals (5) | Additional Backing Vocals (4, 8) 
Steve Bingham: Acoustic & Electric Violins, Viola (1, 3) 
Alan Burton: Uilleann Pipes (5, 7, 9, 10) | Low Whistle (4, 10) 
Luca Calabrese: Trumpet (2, 4, 5, 6, 10) 
BJ Cole: Pedal Steel Guitar (2, 5, 6, 10) 
Robert Fripp: Soundscape (6) 
Clint Hollinson: Acoustic Guitar (1) 
Jacqueline Kershaw: French Horn (3, 5, 9) 
Oliver Klemp: Acoustic Bass (2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10) 
Matthias Macht: Drums & Percussion (2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10) 
Tim Motzer: Electric Guitar (1, 2, 5) | Acoustic Guitar (1, 2) | Soundscape (1) | Ukulele (5) 
Richie Nieto: Chapman Stick (4) 
Chris Wong: Fretless Bass (5) 
Bernhard Woestheinrich: Additional Keyboards (6) 
- - - 
The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by Lee Fletcher under licence to Unsung Records 
Copyright - Lee Fletcher & Unsung Records 
Unsung Records (UR019CD)