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Artist: Laura Shenton
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Laura Shenton Curved Air In The 1970s Curved Air Book
Propelled into stardom at an exhilarating speed due to clever marketing and the virtuosity of their musicianship, particularly violinist Darryl Way, the story of Curved Air in the 1970s is of a band that burned brightly before collapsing well ahead of their time. 
Fronted by the exotic Sonja Kristina, they supported Jethro Tull, Deep Purple and B.B. King in huge stadiums, while several famous names passed through their ranks (including Stewart Copeland and Eddie Jobson). 
This book documents everything, from ground-breaking albums like Air Conditioning and Phantasmagoria to the line-up changes and traumas which caused the band to disband for the first time in 1976.
Laura Shenton MA LLCM DipRSL has a masters degree in music. She is the author of Tommy Bolin: In and Out of Deep Purple, published by Sonicbond in 2020. Her hobbies and interests include writing, playing the piano, staying up into the small hours wondering about life whilst eating crisps and obsessing about music, hamsters and dogs. Her writing buddy is the best dog in the world — a black Labrador. She lives in Northamptonshire, UK.