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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Laughing Stock
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Laughing Stock Songs for the Future White vinyl Colin Moulding
2023’s Songs for the Future is the fifth album by Laughing Stock
A reflection on the magic of music and the way it can change the course of a life, Songs for the Future embraces and celebrates the influences that opened up a new world for the band members in the early 1980s (the songs that became songs for their future). 
Guests include Laughing Stock’s 1980s heroes, Billy Sherwood (Yes), Colin Bass (Camel) and Colin Moulding (XTC). Steinar Børve (saxophone) and a trio of horns led by Tobias Gustum Lindstad also contribute. 
Produced and mixed by band member Jan M Sørensen (with help from the rest of the band) and mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo
Limited white vinyl edition (250 copies globally).
1. For the Boys (feat. Colin Moulding) 
2. Songs for the Future
3. Something Happens
4. The Other Side (feat. Colin Bass)
5. December
6. Like Home
7. The Ocean (feat. Billy Sherwood) 
8. Changed
9. Night Of the Thousand Stars
10. It is Time 
11. Blue Grass
12. Stay a While