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Format: cd
Artist: Kronos Quartet / Terry Riley
CatNo: 0075597925869
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Kronos Quartet Terry Riley Sun Rings CD
Kronos Quartet’s ground-breaking 2002 collaboration with composer Terry Riley finally available as a full recording.
Commissioned in part by the NASA Art Program, Sun Rings has become a landmark piece in the canon of both Riley and Kronos. 
CD in softpak.
'An incomparable love letter to the stars and the planets. The most mystically enveloping music Riley has created.' - Los Angeles Times


1. Sun Rings Overture
2. Hero Danger 
3. Beebopterismo
4. Planet Elf Sindoori
5. Earth Whistlers
6. Earth/Jupiter Kiss
7. The Electron Cyclotron Frequency Parlour
8. Prayer Central
9. Venus Upstream
10. One Earth, One People, One Love