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Format: cd
Artist: Knifeworld
CatNo: 88985306392
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Knifeworld Bottled Out Of Eden CD with sign cd
Expansive, kaleidoscopic and unpredictable, Bottled Out Of Eden is Knifeworld's most fully realised and accessible work to date.
Framed by the cosmic and driving High / Aflame and the punchy, upbeat Feel The Sorcery, Bottled Out Of Eden is a multi-faceted treasure from this most unique of groups.
CD version in digipak with signed postcard.
1) High / Aflame (6:33)
2) The Germ Inside (4:47)
3) I Am Lost (7:12)
4) The Deathless (5:26)
5) Foul Temple (2:37)
6) Vision Of The Bent Path (0:37)
7) I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait (5:35)
8) Lowered Into Necromancy (4:02)
9) A Dream About A Dream (5:43)
10) Secret Words (3:12)
11) Feel The Sorcery (3:50)