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Format: cd
Artist: Kim Seviour
CatNo: WSCD9005
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Kim Seviour John Mitchell CD Recovery Is Learning

Made in collaboration with John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, Frost*, It Bites), Recovery Is Learning is Kim Seviour's debut album.

The album offers songs, soundscapes and lyrical content that represent Kim's own personal journey to recovery.  

Kim endured various adversities while writing for the album (including her ongoing struggle with M.E/CFS), which motivated her to inject her unique experiences - and the resulting emotions - into her music.

The first 50 copies come with a card signed by Kim. The postcard is now sold out

1. Chiasma
2. Call to Action
3. Connect
4. Fabergé
5. Mother Wisdom
6. The Dive
7. Where She Sleeps
8. Recovery Is Learning
9. Morning of the Soul