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Artist: Key 54
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Beats, textures and an extra-large portion of haunting Rhodes piano come together in the debut release from Key 54 (Tom Albrighton from Faceless). The Key 54 sound is eclectic and varied, providing a fresh perspective on the familiar Faceless inspirations: ambient/electronica, chillout and funk. Moods and styles range from the ambient (2am, Silent fjord) and the atmospheric (If there is a war, Clockwatching) to the more upbeat and funk-fuelled (Keygroove, Castell de Xátiva). 

1. Enlightenment (dawn) (4:40)
2. If there is a war (3:09)
3. Keygroove (5:17)
4. Stakeout (3:32)
5. Castell de Xátiva (5:22)
6. Silent fjord (1:34)
7. Clockwatching (4:51)
8. Before the storm (4:37)
9. Through the dreamy afternoon (3:59)
10. Enlightenment (dusk) (3:21)
11. Fly by night (4:07)
12. 2am (7:52)

Written, performed and produced by Tom Albrighton. Big thanks to Al Cormack, couldn't have done it on my own without you.

'Golden Monkey' was created entirely in GarageBand on an Apple iMac, plus a Rhodes Fifty-Four electric piano and some records. Tracks were mastered in Audacity with Waves FinalPlug.