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Format: CD
Artist: Kevin Hewick
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Kevin Hewick Touching Stones Tasting Rain CD
Capturing many highlights of the live Kevin Hewick songbook, this collection draws on material from a varied timeframe and made Kevin cite it as his, Physical Graffiti.
Everyday life and the fantastical are placed side by side, with contributions from Kevin’s long time drum partner Mark Haynes, David Conrad Dhonau’s cello, Jonathan Read and his brass, the exciting young Leicester band Ash Mammal and Adam Ellis who also oversaw the album's production at his Leicester studio Deadline.
CD in digipak.
1. Mill Lane
2. Islington Street
3. Billion Pebble Beach
4. Freakbook
5. Forgotify
6. The Art Of Giving A Toss
7. Love And Guts
8. Splinters And Thorns
9. Everyday Saviour
10. Anti-Star
11. A Thousand Albums You Must Hear After You Die
12. Neville Never
13. The Dancer
14. Follow Me On Memory Beach
15. Slower Turning