Price: £32.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Kate St John
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Kate St John Second Sight Clear double vinyl Limited
A vinyl release of Kate St. John’s 1997 album Second Sight featuring a 2018 remaster by Tim Story.
Limited to 500 copies on double 180g crystal clear vinyl (at 45 rpm).
Comes in special deluxe matte finish in gatefold sleeve and includes hand-numbered high-resolution art print and liner notes by Kate St. John.
Guests include Roger Eno.
St. John says of Second Sight:
“With these instruments we wanted to create a type of world music but not in a folk music sense. It was more about painting imaginary scenarios, a picture postcard kind of travel seen through the lens of imagination as in “Notti Senza Amore,” an homage to Nino Rota where I had a vision of a sleepy Sicilian village.”
“The true qualities of Kate's character shine through the beautiful music she makes.” - Nick Laird-Clowes (The Dream Academy), 2018
"[Kate St. John] shares [Francoise] Hardy's gift for melody, crafting songs that use a traditional pop structure but convey a much wider range of emotions than the average three-minute wonder." - Salon
"This is a very singular record indeed, one that seems to exist in its own, enclosed world." - MOJO
1 Don’t They Know You’ve Gone
2 Where the Warm Winds Blow
3 Songs and Silhouettes
1 A Flicker of Gold
2 Fireworks
3 Notti Senza Amore
1 My Lonely Love
2 A Foolish Dance
3 J’attendrai
1 Dark Heavens
2 Dreaming Spires 
3 Colonel Sinnott’s Song of Love