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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Kate Bush
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Kate_Bush Directors_Cut Hazy_Red_double_vinyl

2011's The Director's Cut saw Kate Bush re-record and reappraise material from The Red Shoes and The Sensual World.

Double LP edition remastered by Kate Bush and James Guthrie.

180g Hazy Red double vinyl, Obi strip with pressing date and 28pp booklet in resealable poly-sleeve with sticker.

Side A
1 Flower Of The Mountain (Originally Titled The Sensual World) 5:14
2 Song Of Solomon 4:44
3 Lily 4:04
Side B
1 Deeper Understanding 6:33
2 The Red Shoes 4:58
3 This Woman's Work 6:29
Side C
1 Moments Of Pleasure 6:31
2 Never Be Mine 5:05
Side D
1 Top Of The City 4:23
2 And So Is Love 4:20
3 Rubberband Girl 4:36