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Format: CD
Artist: Kansas
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Kansas The Absence of Presence CD
A follow-up to the acclaimed The Prelude Implicit, The Absence of Presence is the sixteenth studio album by mighty Kansas.  
A wide-ranging progressive rock ‘experience’ that displays the consummate skills of Phil Ehart, Billy Greer, Ronnie Platt, David Ragsdale, Tom Brislin, Zak Rizvi, and Richard Williams.
Special edition CD in digipak. All orders come with an exclusive postcard while stocks last.
1 The Absence of Presence 00:08:24
2 Throwing Mountains 00:06:21
3 Jets Overhead 00:05:17
4 Propulsion 1 00:02:17
5 Memories Down the Line 00:04:38
6 Circus of Illusion 00:05:19
7 Animals on the Roof 00:05:12
8 Never 00:04:50
9 The Song the River Sang 00:05:05