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Format: CD
Artist: Kansas
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Kansas Leftoverture Progressive CD
Leftoverture: Live & Beyond, features nineteen songs selected from twelve shows recorded during Kansas’s Spring 2017 Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour.  
The set list includes classic hits, deep cuts, songs from 2016’s studio album The Prelude Implicit, and culminates with a complete version of the band’s sextuple-platinum breakthrough album, Leftoverture,.
“When we saw how much our fans enjoyed the Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour shows, we knew we had to record a live album,” said Kansas drummer, Phil Ehart.  “When it came to finding someone to produce it, we thought the best possible person would be the guy that produced Leftoverture’ forty years ago. So, we called Jeff Glixman.”
Adds producer, Jeff Glixman, “This band is on fire.”
Double CD digipak edition.
CD 1:
1 Icarus II 7:15
2 Icarus (Borne on Wings of Steel) 7:12
3 Point of Know Return 3:24
4 Paradox 4:07
5 Journey from Mariabronn 8:03
6 Lamplight Symphony 8:15
7 Dust in the Wind 3:57
8 Rhythm in the Spirit 5:21
9 The Voyage of Eight Eighteen 9:02
10 Section 60 2:48
CD 2:
1 Carry On Wayward Son 6:00
2 The Wall 5:23
3 What's on My Mind 3:49
4 Miracles Out of Nowhere 7:13
5 Opus Insert 4:41
6 Questions of My Childhood 3:54
7 Cheyenne Anthem 7:11
8 Magnum Opus 10:29
9 Portrait (He Knew) 8:50