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Format: CD
Artist: Kaipa
CatNo: 19439986702
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Kaipa Urskog CD.Limited
Legendary Swedish progressive folk-fusion band Kaipa returns with its 14th studio album, Urskog.
A breathtaking musical journey through the Swedish wilderness and the changing seasons, Hans Lundin's six compositions draw influences from the landscapes he witnesses during his solitary countryside biking treks.
Limited CD in digipak edition.
1. The Frozen Dead Of The Night 00:18:55 
2. In A World Of Pines 00:10:06 
3. Urskog 00:08:00 
4. Wilderness Excursion 00:09:00 
5. In The Wastelands Of My Mind 00:06:16 
6. The Bitter Setting Sun 00:15:22