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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Kaipa
CatNo: 88985462261
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Kaipa Children of the Sounds Progressive signed Vinyl
Kaipa's thirteenth studio album and the eighth since the legendary Swedish act’s reincarnation in 2002. Further developing the band's unique mix of Prog, Rock, Fusion and Folk music, Children Of The Sounds shows a band undimmed by the passing of time.
Musically and lyrically vibrant, the five long tracks on Children Of The Sounds burn with a creative fervour which is perhaps most vividly displayed on the title track, the 17 minute On The Edge Of New Horizons. 
Double 180g vinyl in gatefold cover with CD. The signed postcard has now sold out.
1. Children Of The Sounds (11:31)
1. On The Edge Of New Horizons (17:10)
1. Like A Serpentine (12:52)
1. The Shadowy Sunlight (6:57)
2. What's Behind The Fields (9:31)
1. Children Of The Sounds (11:31)
2. On The Edge Of New Horizons (17:10)
3. Like A Serpentine (12:52)
4. The Shadowy Sunlight (6:57)
5. What's Behind The Fields (9:31)