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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Judge Smith
CatNo: PLG014-S
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Judge Smith Zoot Suit vinyl
Van Der Graaf Generator co-founder Judge Smith's 11th solo release is only his third full-length collection of songs in twenty years. 
Featuring the arrangements and production of David Minnick and the backing vocals of Dorie Jackson, Zoot Smith is perhaps Judge's most accessible and entertaining album to date.
White vinyl, signed by the artist.
Side 1:
1. Weird Beard
2. I'm Through
3. Cardboard Suitcase
4. F-ck Me Shoes
5. Cannonball
6. Zoot Suit
7. Been Alone So Long
Side 2:
1. Darling It's Up To You
2. Stamping Ground
3. Extract From 'The Book Of Hours' (Part 1)
4. Extract From 'The Book Of Hours' (Part 2)
5. Ghost In The Machine
6. Rover 90
7. The Selfish Shellfish