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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Joshua Trinidad
CatNo: RNR094LP
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Joshua Trinidad In November Jazz Ambient Vinyl
In November is Denver-based trumpeter Joshua Trinidad’s strikingly beautiful debut for the RareNoise label. 
Recorded in Giske in Norway, the album is an atmospheric trio outing also featuring celebrated Norwegian musicians, guitarist and ECM artist Jacob Young and drummer Stale Liavik Solberg.
A compelling and melancholy mix of long trumpet tones, lyrical guitar lines and fluid group improvisations, In November is a gloriously evocative slice of Nordic Jazz.
Heavyweight vinyl edition.
1. Bedside
2. Bell (Hymn)
3. Bell (Lullaby)
4. Feathers
1. In November
2. Kin
3. Morning Flight
4. Poem
5. Torreon