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Format: cd
Artist: Jordan Rudess
CatNo: 0819873018902
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Jordan Rudess Wired For Madness Dream Theater CD
Jordan Rudess’s 2019 solo release Wired For Madness bursts with all of the drama, technique and melodicism that have become his musical hallmarks.
Guests include Marco Minnemann, James LaBrie, Vinnie Moore, Guthrie Govan, Joe Bonamassa and John Petrucci, but the true star here is Rudess (equal parts Classical master, and Prog monster!).
CD edition.
1. Wired For Madness, Pt. 1 
2. Wired For Madness, Pt. 2 
3. Off the Ground 
4. Drop Twist 
5. Perpetual Shine 
6. Just Can't Win 
7. Just for Today 
8. Why I Dream