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Format: CD
Artist: Jordan Rudess
Availability: 06-09-2024
CatNo: 19658890132
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Jordan_Rudess Permission_To_Fly CD Dream_Theater
Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess’s 2024 solo album Permission To Fly delves into the complexities of human existence (from everyday human struggles to supernatural phenomena). 
Featuring Jordan alongside Darby Todd (Devin Townsend) on drums, That Joe Payne on vocals, Steve Dadaian on guitar, and Bastian Martinez on guest guitar solos, Permission To Fly is a diverse collection - ranging from elaborate prog compositions to sweeping ballads.
CD in digipak with 2 bonus tracks.
1. The Final Threshold 4:08 
2. Into The Lair 9:31 
3. Haunted Reverie 5:14 
4. The Alchemist 8:36 
5. Embers 4:03 
6. Shadow of the Moon 5:29 
7. Eternal 8:53 
8. Footstep in the Snow 4:02 
9. Dreamer 5:03 
Bonus Tracks
10. Incarnation 3:31
11. Nocturne in Fm 5:33 (Bonus Track)