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Format: cd
Artist: Jonny Greenwood
CatNo: 0075597933390
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Jonny Greenwood Radiohead Phantom Thread Soundtrack cd
Jonny Greenwood’s magnificent score for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread.
Including eighteen compositions by Radiohead's Greenwood, the music was recorded in London with a sixty-piece string orchestra conducted by Robert Ziegler. 
The composer spoke to Variety about the process of creating a score that reflected the film’s romance and glamour: “We talked a lot about 1950s music, what was popularly heard then as well as what was being written and recorded. Nelson Riddle and Glenn Gould’s Bach recordings were the main references. I was interested in the kind of Jazz records that toyed with incorporating big string sections; Ben Webster made some good ones.”
CD in softpak.
1. Phantom Thread I
2. The Hem
3. Sandalwood I
4. The Tailor of Fitzrovia
5. Alma
6. Boletus Felleus
7. Phantom Thread II
8. Catch Hold
9. Never Cursed
10. That’s as May Be
11. Phantom Thread III
12. I’ll Follow Tomorrow
13. House of Woodcock
14. Sandalwood II
15. Barbara Rose
16. Endless Superstition
17. Phantom Thread IV
18. For the Hungry Boy