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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Joni Mitchell
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Joni Mitchell For the Roses Vinyl

For The Roses (1972) was the fifth studio album by Joni Mitchell.

An ambitious work that saw Mitchell work with Tom Scott (woodwinds, reeds), the album contains the hit You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio and the epic closer, Judgement of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig's Tune).

Black vinyl edition (2021 remaster).

Banquet (2022 Remaster)
Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire (2022 Remaster)
Barangrill (2022 Remaster)
Lesson In Survival (2022 Remaster)
Let The Wind Carry Me (2022 Remaster)
For The Roses (2022 Remaster)
See You Sometime (2022 Remaster)
Electricity (2022 Remaster)
You Turn Me On I'm A Radio (2022 Remaster)
Blonde In The Bleachers (2022 Remaster)
Woman Of Heart And Mind (2022 Remaster)
Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune) [22022 Remaster]