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Format: CD
Artist: Jon Durant
CatNo: ALCD 1030
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Jon Durant Parting Is Ambient CD

US experimental guitarist Jon Durant's first solo album since 2011's Dance Of The Shadow Planets. 

A deeply emotional and personal record, Parting Is takes the idea of a solo guitar album and transforms it into an unexpectedly rich sonic landscape. Many of the sounds on the album bear no relationship with traditional guitar, but there are no synthesisers or additional instruments employed at all (bar Durant playing
fretless bass on four pieces). 
CD in digipak.
1. Clouds In Advance 3:29
2. Open Window 7:54
3. Travels Within 6:40
4. The Room Where She Waits 4:25
5: Before the Rain Falls 9:45
6: Evolve in Place 4:30
7: Ecliptic Shadows 5:59
8: Returning to the Departure  6:17
9: Willamette Fog 4:34