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Format: CD
Artist: John Lodge
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John_Lodge Days_of_Future_Passed_My_Sojourn CD The_Moody_Blues
John Lodge's 2023 take on the Moody Blues' iconic Days of Future Passed.
The album grew out of John’s live performances as he, and his 10,000 Light Years Band, lovingly recreated the classic album.
The album also features a special recording by the late Graeme Edge and performances by Jon Davison (Yes), and is being released as part of John’s celebration of the album ‘that changed his life’, and with the hope that it will continue to introduce fans to the original iconic recording.
The album’s orchestration is by John’s long-term collaborator, and great friend, Alan Hewitt.
CD in digipak.
The Day Begins
The Day Begins
Morning Glory (featuring Graeme Edge)
Dawn: Dawn Is A Feeling
Dawn (Prelude)
Dawn Is A Feeling
The Morning: Another Morning
The Morning (Prelude)
Another Morning
Lunch Break: Peak Hour
Lunch Break (Prelude)
Peak Hour
The Afternoon
Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon) (featuring Jon Davison)
Evening (Time to Get Away)
The Sun Set (Prelude)
The Sun Set
Twilight (Prelude)
Twilight Time
The Night
Nights In White Satin (featuring Jon Davison)
Late Lament (featuring Graeme Edge)
The Night (Finale)