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Artist: John Cale
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John_Cale Ship_Of_Fools-The_Island_Albums 3CD
Ship of Fools is a remastered 3CD boxset featuring all three John Cale albums issued by Island Records (1974-75), along with seven bonus tracks.
Guests on these extraordinary albums include Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera, Richard Thompson, Chris Spedding and Phil Collins.
Contains booklet with essay. In clamshell box.
Released September 1974
1  Fear is a Man’s Best Friend
2  Buffalo Ballet
3  Barracuda
4  Emily
5  Ship of Fools
6  Gun
7  The Man Who Couldn’t Afford to Orgy
8  You Know More Than I Know
9  Momamma Scuba
Bonus track
10  Sylvia Said
B-side of single. Released in October 1974
Slow Dazzle
Released in April 1975
1  Mr. Wilson
2  Taking it All Away
3  Dirty-Ass Rock n’ Roll
4  Darling, I Need You
5  Rollaroll
6  Heartbreak Hotel
7  Ski Patrol
8  I’m Not the Loving Kind
9  Guts
10  The Jeweller
Bonus tracks
11  All I Want is You
12  Bamboo Floor
13  The Jeweller (alternate version)
Helen of Troy
Released in November 1975
1  My Maria
2  Helen of Troy
3  China Sea
4  Engine
5  Save Us
6  Cable Hogue
7  I Keep a Close Watch
8  Pablo Picasso
9  Leaving it Up to You
10  Baby, What You Want Me to Do?
11  Sudden Death
Bonus tracks
12  Coral Moon
13  You & Me
14  Mary Lou
Recorded during ‘Helen of Troy’ sessions