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Format: Boxset
Artist: Jimmy Reed
CatNo: SNAJ728CD
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Jimmy Reed The Essential Boss Man Charly cd
For contractual reasons this release is not available for sale in North America
Includes seventy-five tracks from his glorious years from 1953 to 1966 at Chicago's Vee-Jay label  and featuring all his twenty-two hits plus many rarities.
Compiled and annotated by noted blues authority Les Fancourt, and packaged in an eye-catching clam box this definitive package includes a 24-page illustrated booklet with a detailed biography and  discography and each disc housed in its own full-colour wallet.
A fitting tribute to an artist who was not only one of the most popular blues artists of the 1950s  but also inspired many of the  best  musicians  in the sixties blues boom notably the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton.
The original 'Big Boss Man' brings you the original and best down home blues including the immortal 'Shame, Shame, Shame', 'Bright Lights Big City' and 'Honest I Do'.
Follows the critically acclaimed Elmore James 'King of the Slide Guitar' package in the luxury and definitive Charly Records  triple blues  box-set series.
1. High And Lonesome
2. You Don't Have To Go
3. Boogie In The Dark
4. I'm Gonna Ruin You
5. Pretty Thing
6. I Ain't Got You
7. She Don't Want Me No More
8. Come On Baby
9. I Don't Go For That
10. Baby
11. Don't Say That No More
12. Ain't That  Lovin' You Baby
13. Can't Stand To See You Go
14. When You Left Me
15. I Love You Baby
16. My First Plea
17. You Got Me Dizzy
18. Honey
19. Don't Let Me Go
20. It?s You Baby
21. Honey Where You Going?
22. Do The Thing
23. Little Rain
24. Signals Of Love
25. The Sun Is Shining
26. Baby, What's On Your Mind
27. Honest I Do 
1. Odds And Ends
2. My Bitter Seed
3. Ends And Odds
4. You're Something Else
5. A String To Your Heart
6. Go On To School
7. You Got Me Crying
8. Down In Virginia
9. I?m Gonna Get My Baby
10. I Wanna Be Loved
11. Caress Me Baby
12. I Know It's A Sin
13. You 'n That Sack
14. Going To New York
15. I Told You Baby
16. Take Out Some Insurance
17. I'm Nervous
18. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
19. Going By The River Pt. 1
20. Where Can You Be
21. Hush, Hush
22. I Was So Wrong
23. Blue Blue Water
24. Please Don't
25. Found Love
1. Hold Me Close
2. Big Boss Man
3. Close Together
4. You Know You're Looking
5. Good
6. Kind Of Lonesome
7. Found Joy
8. Bright Lights, Big City
9. Baby What's Wrong
10. Aw Shucks
11. Hush Your Mouth
12. I'm Mr. Luck
13. Blue Carnegie
14. Good Lover
15. Down in Mississippi
16. Too Much
17. Let's Get Together
18. Shame, Shame, Shame
19. Cold And Lonesome
20. Up Tight
21. Mixed Up
22. Wear Something Green
23. When You're Doing All Right
24. I'm Going Upside Your Head
25. I'm The Man Down There
26. When Girls Do It
27. I'm Knocking At