Sonicbond’s On Track series offers a song by song analysis of the work of major Rock bands.
This book provides an overview of Steely Dan's career while investigating every track recorded across the band’s nine studio albums. It also covers Becker and Fagen’s six solo releases, plus the official live albums and joint collaborations. The book also delves into duo’s early - largely unreleased - recordings and other tracks recorded under the Steely Dan name, making this a comprehensive guide for both fans of the band’s work or newcomers to the fascinating world of this unique partnership.
A music fan for as long as he can remember, Jez Rowden worked in record shops for many years, absorbing music of all kinds. He enjoys many genres and has been involved in writing album and concert reviews, mostly within the progressive rock field, for nearly fifteen years. He also acted as editor for the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages website and, more latterly, The Progressive Aspect which he helped found in 2013. The music of Steely Dan fascinated him from first hearing, the appeal growing stronger as the years go by.