Price: £21.49
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Jean-Michel Jarre
CatNo: 19658844111
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Jean-Michel_Jarre Oxymoreworks Vinyl Brian_Eno
Oxymoreworks is a collection of collaborations with other artists covering a wide range of electronic genres. The nine-piece work includes reworkings of tracks from Jarre's 2022 album Oxymore. Each track was composed and produced by Jarre in direct collaboration with the respective artist, resulting in a distinctive new version that showcases the shared artistry of both musicians.
Includes tracks with Brian Eno and Martin Gore.
Vinyl edition.
1. Jean-Michel Jarre x Martin Gore - Brutalism Take 2
2. Jean-Michel Jarre x Brian Eno - Epica Extension
3. Jean-Michel Jarre x Deathpact - Brutalism Reprise
4. Jean-Michel Jarre x French79 - Epica Take 2
5. Jean-Michel Jarre & Adiescar Chase - Synthy Sisters Take 2
6. Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren - Epica Maxima
7. Jean-Michel Jarre & Nina Kraviz - Sex In The Machine Take 2
8. Jean-Michel Jarre & Irène Drésel - Zeitgeist Botanica
9. Jean-Michel Jarre & NSDOS - Zeitgeist Take 2