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Once, there were four university students who started a rock band named after a firetruck. Five and a half decades later, REO Speedwagon are still going strong, still drawing massive crowds, and, thankfully, have no plans to stop. With classic albums like the multi-platinum You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tuna Fish and the ten million-selling Hi Infidelity, REO conquered America’s heartland, then the nation, and finally – as a ten-year ‘overnight sensation’ – the world. REO have sold over 40 million records under their own name and are featured on the soundtracks to scores of films and television programs, including Supernatural and Ozark.
REO Speedwagon On Track shines a light on the band’s lengthy career. This book delves into the tracks on each of their 16 studio albums, their official live releases, and several compilations, while also providing a glimpse of some of the band members’ outside projects, creating a comprehensive companion to the music of this American institution.
James Romag grew up in the American Midwest and has been a classic rock fan since long before it came to be known by that term. He is an avid concert-goer, particularly those featuring loud, screaming rock and roll guitars. James works for an investment firm and is a US Air Force veteran. He has a degree in publishing, has edited several books and published a handful of short stories. This is his first book for Sonicbond. James lives in Colorado at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where he’s careful not to get caught when the wind comes up and the sun goes down.