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Format: CD
Artist: Jah Wobble
CatNo: JWBUS345
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Jah_Wobble The_Bus_Routes_Of_South_London CD PiL
Jah Wobble's evocative 2023 studio release The Bus Routes Of South London was written by the former PiL bassist as he travelled on buses going to, through or from South London.
'I travelled around South London recording on my iPad pro. I would always try to secure a seat on the top deck at the very front of the bus. I would then ‘fill in ‘these musical sketches later. I also took lots of photos as I travelled around.' - Jah Wobble
1. 35 Towards Clapham Junction
2. 90 Towards Richmond 
3. 37 Towards Peckham
4. 14 Towards Putney Heath
5. 21 Towards Lewisham Shopping Centre
6. 345 Towards South Ken
7. 12 Towards Dulwich Library
8. 430 Towards Roehampton