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Format: cd
Artist: Jadis
CatNo: JAD009
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Jadis IQ Martn Offord More Than Meets The Eye CD
A double CD 25th Anniversary Edition of Jadis’s More Than Meets The Eye including a 2017 remix by Gary Chandler, live recordings, and acoustic re-recordings of Wonderful World and G13 featuring former IQ maestro Martin Offord on flute and piano.
The second disc also includes four re-mastered tracks from Medium Rare.
Two CDs in a digipak with a booklet containing studio photos from the period.
1. Sleepwalk
2. Hiding in the corner
3. G13
4. Wonderful world
5. More than meets the eye
6. The Beginning and the end
7. Holding your breath
1. G13  - Acoustic  version 2017
2. Wonderful world - Acoustic version  2017
3. The Beginning and the end - live from 1993
4. This changing face - live from 1993
Remastered from Medium Rare
5. Follow me to Salzburg
6. All in one day
7. View from above
8. This changing face  - Acoustic