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Format: cd
Artist: Jadis
CatNo: JAD010
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Jadis Medium Rare II CD

Medium Rare II is compilation from 2019 containing new material, live recordings, remixes and covers - including the Progressive classics Your Own Special Way and Comfortably Numb - which showcases Jadis at its most relaxed and eclectic.

CD in digipak.

1  There's a light  -  Recorded during the band's brief yet successful return to gigging in 2018.
2  Truth from the lies  -  A new unreleased track 
3  No Sacrifice  - Edited and  remixed with replayed drums and keyboards. 
4  What kind of reason - Remixed and edited version of the piece from Fanatic.
5  Standing still  -  Remixed version of the piece from Photoplay.
6  Photoplay  -  A completely revamped, reworked and extended version of this instrumental from Photoplay, which now has Drums and Bass added. 
7  Daylight fades  -  Recorded live in 2018. 
8  Hear us -  end section  -  Recorded live in 2018. 
9  Animated - A new and unreleased instrumental track.
10  Your own special way - A cover of the Genesis song from Wind & Wuthering. 
11  Comfortably numb  -  oA cover of the  Pink Floyd classic recorded live in 2001. This is remastered from Alive Outside CD.