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Format: CD
Artist: Jacob Holm-Lupo
CatNo: AP0152CD
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Jacob Holm-Lupo Entire of Itself CD White Willow Donner
Entire Of Itself is an intriguing 51 minute 'sonic document' from Jacob Holm-Lupo.
Best known for White Willow and The Opium Cartel, Jacob embraces new directions, with an album that encompasses field recordings, ambient music and dark folk. 
Every sound on the album is sourced from Sandøya, a small island at the Southern edge of the Oslofjord in Norway. Jacob moved there with his family five years ago, leaving a comfortable, suburban life behind for the wilder, freer island life.
"I wanted to paint a picture of the island with sounds. Ever since we moved here, I have become increasingly aware of all the tones that exist in the air. The wail of the wind, the songs of the birds, the sea that sometimes roars, sometimes murmurs, the hum of farming machinery, the rhythm of boat engines. Sound and music is everywhere."
Entire of Itself contains field recordings, both pure and processed, as well as sampled. It also contains the sounds of instruments that have been constructed from found objects on the island. Antler harps, steel pipe flutes, corrugated steel drums. And finally, because Jacob's studio is on the island, he allowed himself to use some of the guitars he has there.
Entire of Itself is not a new age-y document of an island paradise. It is a sometimes turbulent, sometimes serene, sometimes soothing and sometimes disturbing record of real, everyday life on a real island. Shifting, yet constant, much like the weather that drifts in from the North Sea.

1. Entire Of Itself 51:26