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Format: CD
Artist: Jack Lancaster And Robin Lumley
CatNo: ECLEC2782
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Jack Lancaster And Robin Lumley Marscape CD Brand X
A 2022 remastered - from the original tapes - edition of the wonderful Marscape by Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley.
Recorded and released in 1976, the album was created to mark the landing on Mars of Nasa’s Viking 2 Explorer in September of that year.
For the sessions, saxophonist and woodwind player Jack Lancaster and keyboard player Robin Lumley were joined by John Goodsall, Percy Jones and Phil Collins, and the album paved the way for the formation of Brand X soon after.
CD with booklet featuring an essay and interview with Jack Lancaster.
1 Take-Off
2 Sail On Solar Winds
3 Arrival
4 Phobos And Deimos
5 With A Great Feeling Of Love: Inner Warmth And Feelings Of Affinity
6 Marscape
7 Olympus Mons
8 Homelight
9 Hopper
10 Dust-Storm
11 Blowholes (The Pipes Of Mars)
12 Realisation
13 Release
14 With A Great Feeling Of Love (SINGLE VERSION)