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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Jack Hues
CatNo: DCRC015
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Jack Hues Primitif Syd Arthur Canterbury Vinyl
Primitif is the debut solo album from Jack Hues (best known as Wang Chung frontman and as a Tony Banks collaborator).
Featuring contributions from Syd Arthur’s Joel and Josh Magill, the album creatively straddles the Art Rock/Art Pop divide and contains elements of Post-Rock and Canterbury Prog, alongside powerful melodies and inventive playing.
Deluxe double heavyweight LP in gatefold with lyric Inserts and download code.
Jack says. “It's taken me a long time to release a solo album, so there is a lot to say and it has to be a double album to carry that weight of years and experience.  The emotional landscape is primal, the means of production were basic, if not exactly primitive... so this is Primitif.”
1. The Look of Love 
2. Whitstable Beach 
3. A Long Time 
4. Cut
5. Winter 
6. Diamond Ring 
7. Spring 
8. Margate Train
9. You Are The One I Love 
10. Astrology 
11. Summer 
12. Stand in a Place of Love
13. An Ordinary Man 
14. You Will Kill The One You Love 
15. Autumn
16. Video Games