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Format: Vinyl
Artist: It's Immaterial
CatNo: PNFG39
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Its_Immaterial Lifes_Hard_and_Then_You_Die Red_vinyl
The dazzling 1986 debut album by It's Immaterial.
'Musically, the LP is all over the place - new wave country, blues, folk, and synth pop - but somehow the smorgasbord of styles works, because the band members aren't being eclectic just for the sake of it; they simply have a wide canvas, keeping the album fresh from beginning to end.' AllMusic
Limited red vinyl edition in single spine with printer inner.
2023 Last Night From Glasgow label release.
Driving Away From Home (Jim's Tune)
Happy Talk
The Better Idea
The Sweet Life
Festival Time
Ed's Funky Diner
Hang On Sleepy Town