Price: £17.99
Format: vinyl
Artist: Isildurs Bane
Availability: 11-01-2019
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Isildurs Bane Off The Radar Vinyl

An orange vinyl in gatefold cover edition of Isildurs Bane's 2017 release Off The Radar.

Limited to 200 copies.


Following Isildurs Bane's well-received collaborative album with Steve Hogarth - Colours Not Found in Nature - the band immediately returned to the studio to make Off The Radar. 
Focusing on keyboards (from Mellotron, Moog and ARP to software), the album combines elements of Prog, Fusion, Electronica and contemporary Classical music. 
As a yin to the synthesiser's yang, the album makes frequent use of acoustic instruments such as woodwinds, trumpet and percussion. 
Fans of Isildurs Bane will recognise Mats Johansson's distinctive compositional traits, while appreciating Off The Radar as something new in IB's 40 plus years of music making.
1. 2Drive! Part 1 - 3 (7:52)
2. Off the Radar (4:38)
3. Under Your New Moon (5:21)
1. Xenolith (10:05)
2. Goodbye Berlin (4:31)
3. Endless Air (5:51)