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Artist: Isengard
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Isengard Hostmorke Peaceville cd
Death metal project and evolved into a large mix of styles, incorporating elements of doom, rock, death, black metal and folk.
Hostmorke, meaning Autumn Darkness, was the second Isengard album, (even though the debut, 'Vinterskugge' is a collection of sorts). It was released in 1995 and featured a continuation of Norwegian folk elements mixed with some doom, with all instruments once again performed by Fenriz himself, as well as the now-trademark vocal delivery. The latter part of the album also features a couple of black metal tracks which explore territory a bit more in line with Darkthrone, particularly the track 'Total Death'. Hostmorke is also notable for featuring a couple of small guest appearances fromAldrahn (ex-DHG) & Vicotnik (DHG).
1. Neslepaks 
2. Landet Og Havet 
3. I Kamp Med Kvitekrist 
4. I Ei Gran Borti Nordre Asen 
5. Over De Syngende Ode Moer 
6. Thornspawn Chalice 
7. Total Death