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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Iron Maiden
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Iron Maiden The Number of The Beast Plus Triple vinyl
A limited triple vinyl celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Iron Maiden’s iconic third album The Number of The Beast (the first to feature Bruce Dickinson on vocals).
This collector's edition features the original album with *revised track list plus the legendary 1982 live show from Hammersmith Odeon, Beast Over Hammersmith (on vinyl for the first time).
Packaged in a double gatefold sleeve featuring a special ‘split’ cover image and rare photos from the time. Includes excusive sleeve notes from Steve Harris.
* The original album replaces Gangland with Total Eclipse.
The Number Of The Beast
Side 1:
1.      Invaders
2.      Children Of The Damned
3.      The Prisoner
4.      22 Acacia Avenue
Side 2:
1.      The Number Of The Beast
2.      Run To The Hills
3.      Total Eclipse
4.      Hallowed Be Thy Name
Beast Over Hammersmith (LIVE)
Side 3:
1.      Murders In The Rue Morgue
2.      Wrathchild
3.      Run To The Hills
4.      Children of The Damned
5.      The Number Of The Beast
Side 4:
1.      Another Life
2.      Killers
3.      22 Acacia Avenue
4.      Total Eclipse
5.      Transylvania
Beast Over Hammersmith (LIVE)
Side 5:
1.      The Prisoner
2.      Hallowed Be Thy Name
3.      Phantom Of The Opera
4.      Iron Maiden
Side 6:
1.      Sanctuary
2.      Drifter
3.      Running Free
4.      Prowler