Price: £38.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Iron Maiden
CatNo: 0190295015916
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Iron Maiden Senjutsu Triple vinyl Steve Harris Bruce Dickinson
Iron Maiden’s 17th studio album Senjutsu, is packed with epic slices of the band’s distinctive brand of Progressive-tinged Metal.
The artwork is by long-term collaborator Mark Wilkinson.
Triple 180g vinyl in trifold sleeve.
Senjutsu (8:20)
Stratego (4:59)
The Writing On The Wall (6:13)
Lost In A Lost World (9:31)
Days Of Future Past (4:03)
The Time Machine (7:09)
Darkest Hour (7:20)
Death Of The Celts (10:20)
The Parchment (12:39)
Hell On Earth (11:19)