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Format: cd
Artist: IQ
CatNo: GEPCD1064
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IQ Resistance 2CD
IQ’s 2019 studio album is an ambitious collection of eclectic material spread over two CDs. 
Michael Holmes says, “It’s taken a while for this album to develop, but to my mind that’s given it a nice ‘organic’ feel with some quite diverse atmospheres. The initial idea for Resistance was to have a single CD with an accompanying ‘extras’ disc, but the closer it got to the release the more we felt that everything just gelled as a proper double album. That’s also meant we were able to give each track just the right amount of breathing space, whether that’s a three and a half minute thing or a more substantial twenty two minute ‘workout’.” 
Digipak edition.
CD 1
1. A Missile
2. Rise
3. Stay Down
4. Alampandria
5. Shallow Bay
6. If Anything
7. For Another Lifetime
CD 2
1. The Great Spirit Way
2. Fire And Security
3. Perfect Space
4. Fallout