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Format: CD
Artist: Insect Ark
CatNo: AR026CD
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Insect Ark Portal/Well cd
Portal/Well is the deeply melodic, dense and wildly unhinged debut album from Insect Ark. 
Written, performed and recorded in complete solitude by Dana Schechter (Angels Of Light / Bee And Flower), in her Brooklyn studio, Portal/Well finds its voice in the haunting groans of lap steel guitars, stalking basses, insistent drum programming and deep synthesiser oscillations.
Shards of light, lustrous shadows and more.
1. Portal/Well (6:50)
2. The Collector (4:04)
3. Lowlands (1:45)
4. Octavia (8:33)
5. Crater Lake (1:32)
6. Taalith (7:14)
7. Parallel Twin (6:04)
8. Low Moon (6:17)

All music written, performed & recorded by Dana Schechter at Picasso Machinery, Brooklyn NY All tracks mixed by Ethan Donaldson except 'Low Moon', mixed by Richard Beggs Mastered by Douglas Henderson Egg diorama by Nicole M Boitos Hayworth Photography by Simple Box Construction Layout & composite by Dana Schechter