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Format: Boxset
Artist: Imaginaerium
CatNo: CR220042EB
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Imaginaerium The_Rise_of_Medici 2CD Clive_Nolan
The Rise of Medici, by Imaginaerium is a unique concept release revolving around one of the major episodes in the life of Cosimo and Contessina De’ Medici.
An epic symphonic renaissance-inspired Rock Opera featuring (and written by) Clive Nolan (Arena / Pendragon), who is joined by Eric Bouillette (Nine Skies, The Room), Andy Sears (ex Twelfth Night), and Laura Piazzai (Caamora).
Two CDs in a vinyl-size hardback book. The second disc includes works in progress, interviews and more.


1 Festina Lente
2 Duty of Love
3 House of Dreams
4 The Tide Will Change
5 Never Close Your Eyes
6 Glass Throne
7 Treachery
8 Fall From Grace
9 Will I Never Return?
10 Fortunes Reverse
11 Return of Medici
12 Legacy
CD2 (only earbook)
1 Fortunes Reverse (Clive & Laura)
2 Duty of Love (Laura Extra Duty Mix)
3 Legacy (Andy & Laura Duet)
4 Never Close Your Eyes (Isabella's Harp & Laura Mix)
5 Fall From Grace (Elena & Laura Duet)
6 Fortunes Reverse (Guitar Mix)
7 Festina Lente (Laura's Festina Lente)
8 The Tide Will Change (Instrumental Version)
9 Interview with Eric Bouillette
10 Interview with Laura Piazzai
11 Interview with Clive Nolan
Clive Nolan: composition, arrangements, lyrics, keyboards, drum recording, vocals (Rinaldo)
Eric Bouillette: composition, arrangements, keyboards, violin, mandolin
Laura Piazzai: vocals (Contessina)
Andy Sears: vocals (Cosimo)
Elena Vladyuk: vocals (Lucrezia)
Marc Spencer: backing vocals (Monks)
Scott Higham: drums
Bernard Hery: bass
Isabella Cambini: harp
Karl Groom: drum set and editing
Alexandre Lamia: mixing and mastering
Kim Ouzo: front cover painting
Steve Anderson: design and artwork